Bio Picture of Marioli Sterling

Marioli Sterling

Marioli Sterling was born in Panama City, Panama. When I was four-years old, her mother came to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Sterling resided with her maternal grandmother and her second husband and feels that I had a good childhood and was raised well. Her parents never got married however up to this day remain very involved.

Upon graduating from high school, Marioli Sterling’s mother had obtained American citizenship and sent for her to reside in New York and to attend college. In New York, Sterling did not know about the field of social work. While growing up in Panama, I never met a social worker and the emphasis in school was given to the fields of business, law and science. Therefore, I decided to pursue a bachelor degree in Finance.

Marioli Sterling was accepted to Baruch College and while studying I later on realized that I was not a business-oriented person. However, at the time of this realization I had already completed the required credits other than that of a major. I therefore elected to major in public administration.